The Rise Of Content Marketing

The Rise Of Content Marketing

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According to the Content Marketing Institute, Content is one of the fastest growing segments in Marketing and an increasing number of marketers are relying more and more on their strategies to achieve success online.

Is this a surprise to you? Because if it is, you have probably been living under a rock for the last couple of years.

With the amount of content that goes left and right in front of you, on your screen, there are content creators, curators, users that share and consume on a minute to minute basis. Now, that doesn’t mean all that content is successful in reaching its goals or has even been put out there with a business goal.

  • 90% of marketers are doing some form of Content Marketing, even if they don’t know it (Have you been doing some content marketing without realizing it?)
  • 60% of B2B marketers plan on increasing their efforts this year
  • 26% of budgets are allocated to content (obviously is much higher in small business)

Have fun going through it and express your thoughts about how your doing or planning your content marketing.Content_Marketing_Explosion


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