This donut is taking over New York

This donut is taking over New York

Back about 2-3 months ago, a donut emerged from a small pastry shop in Mid-town Manhattan.  Dominating Foodie news for months, what is it about this pastry that has people lining up at 4am in the morning to be able to purchase this sugary treat ( customers are limited to 2 )…?

What does it take to develop a product or service as desirable?

Is it a combination of hype and marketing, or pure hype.
Maybe its just our desire for something sweet with a hole in the middle – much like the crispy creme donut surge from 10 years ago…

Watch the Video from Animal New York, as the Father of the Cronut – Dominque Ansel  - is interviewed at his bakery -  the Dominque Ansel Bakery.


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