Engaging Customers On Their Own Terms: Exceptional Digital Experiences

Engaging Customers On Their Own Terms: Exceptional Digital Experiences

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There’s a new customer in town and they mean business — digital business. Thanks to the growth of online, mobile, commerce and social business, the rise of the digital consumer has forced companies to revaluate how they conduct business across all the touch points audiences choose. These companies either adapt, or else risk being left in the cold by their competitors who are opting for personalized interactions with their key stakeholders: customers, employees and partners.

A digital experience strategy takes into account the emerging trends around the use of Web and social analytics, more advanced rich media management and delivery, deeper social engagement and robust responsive design for mobile delivery. In this digital age, executives across the C-Suite are acknowledging the need to reorient their businesses and deliver more personalized experiences – regardless of what device consumers use to interact with brands – to become more competitive in a digital economy.

In fact, according to “The State Of Customer Experience Management,” study by Forrester Research earlier this year, more than 90 percent of study respondents said that customer experience is a top strategic priority for their firms.

A shining example of an organization that recognizes the importance of transforming the way it interacts with its clients is Performance Bicycle. With operations across 110 stores in 20 states, Performance Bicycle set out to create a unique customer experience that would help to drive its bottom line. It launched Performance Learning Center, an online learning site where customers can engage with experts and peers and get answers to their cycling questions through articles, videos and online chats. Since its launch, the Learning Center has driven significant increases in traffic for Performance and ultimately an increase in sales.

A second organization trailblazing the digital experience for clients is Omron Europe, a global leader in the field of industrial automation. Omron Europe wanted to provide its staff with fast access to experts and specialized knowledge about varied industrial processes and technologies. The company created a portal that includes social networking capabilities, allowing employees to more easily share knowledge and collaborate with colleagues about topics such as product packing, which can be used to help close deals with key clients. Since going live, it has increased engagement while allowing its team to respond to the needs of customers more quickly.

I invite you to take a look at the video below to hear how more organizations are creating exceptional digital experiences for their clients.

The growth of mobile, online, social media and commerce trends has spawned the rise of the digital consumer and organizations are taking notice. Rather than screaming to the masses, leading executives are looking to reorient their businesses to better deliver personalized and improved experiences. Creating an exceptional customer experience is now a strategic priority. Learn how you can get started here.


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