Made You Look

[fact icon=”beaker” number=”35%”]Increase in Business – Year Over Year[/fact]


[dropcap style=”color”]T[/dropcap]he client had tried several variations of websites over 10+ years and had had varied levels of success. The previous website with an online store achieved some sales, but due to the hands-on approach of this business, it was a challenging platform to maintain. Ultimately when a redesign was considered to move to a wider audience, a 2 pronged approach was implemented.

FIRST was to design a stripped down 100% mobile version for Smartphones and Tablets. This version of the site would allow mobile users easy access to the most relevant information, while maintaining a small digital footprint. SECOND was an Adaptive version of that design for the Desktop with Larger images and more content. The new site also takes full advantage of an Iphone purchased for use exclusively in the store to help staff record and post to various social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I One Media is helping to implement a FULLY immersive social media initiative. The result? TOP 10 PLACEMENT on Organic Search, and the client finally feels they have a site that truly represents their unique retail business and helps to grow their business.


web_design_toronto_aClient Challenge : In 2013, the client came to us concerned about her positioning in local search. Of greater concern was her competitors, relative new comers to Toronto Retail Environment – who were scoring higher then her for relevant search terms. Well, this did not please us one bit so we got to work.

web_design_toronto_bI One Media Strategy : Long term strategy to boost visibility and position higher then competitors. Daily / Weekly / Monthly updates to site contents using a developed file nomenclature, and regular smart postings to social media. Dedicated mobile device In-Store encourages the sharing of content.

web_design_toronto_cThe Plan : Site Redesign, Files Naming Structure Developed, Social Media presence significantly increased, Content Publishing Strategy Developed, ON-Line / Off-line Contests, New Video Content, Added Google Street View of store interior, Professionally produced video.

Made You Look created this sweet video.

Professionally shot, and beautifully edited, this short 3 minute video tells you everything you need to know about Made You Look.


moibile_developers_torontoWe gave them our old iphone

But first – we set it up with ALL of the social media they needed. Installed all of the relevant applications, and configured it to the In-Store WIFI ( no new cell plan needed ). This allowed the staff easy access to social media on a dedicated device. Oh! We also fitted it with one of the toughest cases we could buy to ensure the phone would withstand the abuse of living in a FULL-Time Jewellery Studio and Gallery.


We boosted the Google presence

After languishing with a dull Google Landing page, our efforts have paid of, the clients website now preforms extremely well on Organic Search for many of the MAIN KEYWORDS associated with this category, let’s just say, We are CRUSHING IT!


Moving Along…

Not to say that we are not continuously working hard to maintain our lead. As races go, the world of SEO is best conquered with a slow and steady approach. Every month the site is upgraded with fresh content and our current rank is a testament to the time and effort made by a team of people, most importantly, our client, who understands the time and resources needed to get to the first page of google and maintain that position.

[fact icon=”beaker” number=”200+”]Increase in Daily Page Views[/fact]