Slip Stream Angling

N E W0ne of our favourite clients ( due to the amazing locations we have had the pleasure of visiting ).  Slipstream Angling Adventures has expanded significantly over the last 3 years. From initially representing Belize and Cuba, SSA has now gone on to showcase 100+ destinations in over 15 countries.  Proprietor Rich French has been the driving force in providing American and European clientele with unique fishing experiences to remote regions around the world. The site was just recently Re-Launched with a brand-new Ultra wide Image view to exploit all of the amazing photography that has been accumulated 10 years of business. Additionally – We added a ” Where do you want to go today” TAB right on the homepage to expedite the user experience and help visitors in finding specific trip destinations. Full Google Analytics will be exploited in determining page metrics and identifying new selling opportunities.

This is the 4th Website that I One Media has completed. Once again, World Class Design Services. An amazing Toronto design group that caters to our stringent design requirements.

Rich French, Slip Stream Angling