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Whether you’re a start-up on the verge of something great or a Fortune 500 company looking for a refresh, our full-service capabilities will allow you to reimagine the way you do digital.

Proven Digital Marketing Strategy & Execution

I One Media specializes in crafting distinctive advertising strategies and marketing initiatives that help you deliver an immersive experience to your audience, fostering a strong connection with your company and brand. Boost your sales, reinforce customer loyalty and drive business growth by implementing our simple and easy-to-manage digital marketing approach.

What we offer?

Our company has earned accolades for its excellence, specializing in delivering comprehensive advertising solutions to our broad spectrum of clients. We can help you create personalized and exceptional experiences for your intended audience, leading to increased customer retention, conversion rates, and brand loyalty. Our expert digital marketing team works closely with you to develop customized, multi-channel advertising strategies that engage your customers and maximize conversions.

What does I One Media provide for marketing strategies?

We are committed to helping you establish a sustainable business that lasts. With our team of dedicated marketing specialists, we conduct thorough research and develop cohesive marketing and advertising campaigns to boost your online marketing efforts. We continuously identify gaps and optimize your strategy to enhance brand awareness and drive traffic to your website. Our marketing solutions are tailored to your specific business needs, allowing your brand to expand and your digital presence to flourish. By partnering with us, you can increase your potential ROI and stand out from the competition.

Design & Craft

Graphic Design
Art Direction


HTML 5 Canvas
CSS 3D Transforms
Front-End Framework
Native Applications


Visual Design
Brand Strategy
Process & Exploration
Copywriting Print


Opportunity Analysis
Branding Discovery
Production Planning

Our Team

We offer a full-service digital advertising agency consisting of a dedicated staff that includes more analysts, strategists, masterminds, and creatives across several locations such as Canada, Europe, and Asia. Our team also includes a handful of people and a perfectionist group who love to take challenges and never know when they can quit. We are not only thinkers but also innovators as we are well determined to re-imagining the process of web design development and digital marketing for regional businesses across Canada and the US.

Patricia Susanne


Holden Hoffington


Ceccilla Pinto

Creative Director

Can Bonomo

Development Director

Kimmy Gulotta

Senior Designer

Jason Hu

Senior Developer


2 convenient locations to serve you. But don’t worry, we like to make house calls. And buy learning where you work, we get to apply all of our creative energy into developing a marketing program that can best serve all of your business needs.


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