Planet Protective

Automotive Protective Packaging Provider

Planet Protective is a leading protective packaging company in Canada, specializing in a diverse range of protective packaging products. They provide an extensive selection of high-quality protective packaging solutions to businesses across Canada and the US. Their online goal is to demonstrate their expertise in protective packaging and offer a user-friendly interface that allows customers to effortlessly browse through their products and services. Planet Protective aims to be a one-stop-shop for all packaging requirements, with a focus on customer satisfaction and convenience.

Client: Planet Protective
Date: March 24, 2022
Services: Website Design, Photography, SEO


The goal of Planet Protective Packaging website is to establish a user-friendly and streamlined online platform that highlights the company’s extensive range of protective packaging solutions.

The website offers a seamless browsing experience, allowing customers to explore the products or services they require. In addition, the website provides pertinent details, such as shipping options, return policy, and contact information. The primary objective is to create a professional, dependable, and visually engaging website that promotes customer engagement and loyalty.


Our monthly SEO program implementation provides numerous benefits for the Planet Protective website.

By regularly monitoring and optimizing the website’s core content and structure, the monthly SEO program enhances the website’s organic search ranking, leading to increased visibility, traffic, and engagement. The Planet Protective SEO program also improves the user experience, making it simpler for customers to discover and navigate the website. Search Optimization is essential to attain and sustain a robust organic ranking for enduring prosperity because it can produce a continuous stream of focused traffic without the enduring expenses of paid advertising.

Along with the SEO program, a limited Google Ads campaign further enhances the website’s visibility and reach. Google Ads allowed the business to GEO target their audience effectively and display their advertisements to potential customers in key regional areas. By utilizing both Organic SEO and Google Ads, we created a comprehensive marketing strategy that maximized their online presence and potential for growth.


Protective packaging is a very competitive industry. For Planet Protective Packaging,  a well-managed and targeted Google Ads campaign was crucial in data collection and driving success.

Through strategic bidding, carefully selected targeted keywords, and compelling ad copy, our campaign generated a significant increase in website traffic, lead generation, and sales.

By continually optimizing our campaign based on valuable insights and data provided by Google Ads, we were able to see even more substantial returns on investment over time, resulting in increased brand recognition, customer engagement, and revenue growth for Planet Protectives business.