Still In Beta

Still In Beta

We recently had the pleasure to work with the AMAZING team at Planet Paper Box INC.  A truly innovative company that is a pioneer in the CPG industry.  Thank you to Jeff Beck and CEO and Ower – Jason Burns for their support in completing this project in short timeline.

web_design_social_media_management_best_seo_toronto_ppb_2The site is still in Beta…so forgive us if you find some irregularities. We are still fine tuning the experience across browsers. This website is 100% Responsive Design and all of the visual assets were created by I One Media over 2-3 months of visits.


The 150,000 Square foot Warehouse is a thriving 24/7 facility with constant activity and a photographers dream.  Please be sure to visit the site and share your feedback.  Currently we are developing a social media plan as well as creating more social assets for this great company.


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