The Challenge of Being a Boss….

The Challenge of Being a Boss….

I’ve been in business for over 15 years… and in that time I have had the pleasure of working with some amazing people.

I’ve ALSO had the misery of working with people who are NOT so much fun, incompetent, and generally a waste of space.

These people, they just need to be fired…as they are difficult to deal with and ultimately get in the way of doing what is the most important part of this job, fulfilling the obligations to the client and completing the task that you were originally hired for.

So, for the sake of EDUCATION and ENLIGHTENMENT, I present you just 1 of the wonderful emails I have had the pleasure of receiving.

Please Enjoy. I certainly did…


I tried finding positive feedback for you.
I tried patience, and to be ready to accept some gesture of intelligent life force or resolve or wisdom after your complete offense to the bone-head power.
After being treated like genuine shit and blatantly shown what you really think of me, having my good energy towards a project – for you – literally trashed (unless you took my active work an profited from it which is fine – enjoy the fucking bosley), and then offered repeat insults and then silence?
Silence with no showing of any resolution of what you did?
Please do not approach or communicate with me. You’re way too little, too short, and too way sans any perception of what you’ve done to myself and others around you.
You expect anything but an enemy from your clear action which invokes only insulted spoils?
Stay away ~ and fuck the water too. No amount of water will squelch the twisted mistake and anger you last expressed in your opinionated self justified fucked up personally polluted and totally non-professional self(ish) repeated habitual greed.
And this is not my email anymore.
I have a life and work to do. STAY THE FUCK AWAY
This is what happens when you offend and IGNORE – - – -
Enjoy your weekend,
Im sailing.

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